Billy & the Hillbillies' 10,000th Disneyland Show

Billy Button given by Da Billy Club to members present

Thursday, February 6, 2003, 1:15 PM

Who would have believed that the biggest Hillbilly party in a year would turn out to be in the middle of a work day? There were lots of sick (at least that's what they'd told their bosses) Hillbilly fans at the Golden Horseshoe to view and celebrate the 10,000th Billy and the Hillbillies show at Disneyland.
Clark had the best tribute, with lyrics he distributed, and to which we had a sing-along while the Hillbillies celebrated backstage with Management, and with his permission, we present:
(sung to the tune of "Ode To Billy Joe")
words by Clark Weyenberg
It was the 6th of Feb, another sleepy, dusty, Disney day-ay-ay.
I was sitting there, anxiously, waiting for the boys to play-ay-ay.
The minute hand was slowly creeping, on it's way to 1:15-ee-een.
The 'Shoe was so crowded, not an empty chair could be se-ee-een.
The lights went down, the announcer spoke, the curtains parted -
    What do you know-ow-ow?
Billy and The Hillbillies were starting their 10,000th show.
They started with "A Small World."  We laughed and cheered and carried o-o-on.
The boys were glad to see us.  We all knew there'd be lots of fu-u-un.
We've seen each bit a 1,000 times; but, we'll see them a 1,000 mo-oo-ore.
And, when the show is over, don't expect us to go out the do-oo-oor.
We'll stand and cheer and whistle.  We won't stop.
    We want the world to kno-oo-ow.
That Billy and The Hillbillies have play-yed their 10,000th show.

Music: Ode to Billy Joe
Sequenced by Bob Mace

Clark, wearing his full collection of Billy Badges
Clark, lyricist supreme, toasts the occasion in formal Billy-collectible attire. He wore nearly every Billy Badge ever given out by Da Billy Club, including one made for this occasion, a Hillbilly-autographed bandana from the first convention, and an "honored guest" name badge sporting the words "Billy Ten K".
Crazy John & Chris
Crazy John & Chris
How come Crazy John is always with the ladies while his wife (KAT) is behind the camera?
It's Official
Plaque presented by Management behind closed curtains

Plaque presented by Management behind closed curtains after the show. Click picture for closeup of the engraved plate.
Banner made by Billy Bass's namesake

Congratulatory Banner
DA brought this banner. Curious as to who made it? Check out the closeup. Remember to close the closeup's window when you're finished.
Sarah & Deborah Dear
Sarah (wasn't she a kid just last year?)  and Deborah Dear
Feeling old? We remember when Sarah was a "little girl" of 12.
Billy Tell Overture
My People!
Mandolin Billy enjoys a rousing ovation and acknowledges it delightedly calling out "My People!"
Robert, Jimmy
Robert and Jimmy
Many of the fans came dressed in Billy & the Hillbilly shirts.
Mouse Overture
Mouse Overture
Wish I had a sound byte of this. It sounded like a trap sprung, followed by a mouse squeal . Then, in Billy's best Mickey Mouse voice, "Billy, you're fired."
Stacey, Sharon & Lisa (aka "Scarlett")
Stacey, Sharon, Lisa
Scarlett made her great-looking Hillbilly shirt. Stacey's family came from afar.

BTW, if you're a DBC member not pictured here, it's probably because the picture I took was so unflattering you wouldn't want it shown. Yup, I got a lot of those.
Mountain Dew
This wasn't performed at the 10,000th show.  It was taken at the 10,001st show.
What's wrong with this picture? (Answer above)
Train Ride Elvis Medley
Elvis medley
No, they're not "Elvis", but they sure look cool in those shades.
Orange Blossom Special
Feeling love and pressure to break his record
There was a tremendous amount of love, and Billy thought he could beat his speed fiddling record. The pressure of Management in the room proved too much for him. 36 mph.
This has happened 10,000 times!
Flyer, Come to Disneyland!
The painfully enlarged nostril we've come to love and expect.
Josh & Gloria
Josh & Gloria
We hear a PC may soon be added to Gloria's household. Perhaps she'll finally see herself online.
DA, Layne, Rosalie & Claudia
DA (behind camera) the Shellys, and Claudia
The Shelleys came in from Utah. Amber, not pictured, was here from Washington. And of course DA was there with camera in hand.
Charlene & Crazy John

Crazy John with a lady, as usual. "Crazy like a fox", I guess.
Congratulations to the Hillbillies on their well-deserved longevity. Thanks for all the fun. We hope it lasts for many years to come.

Posted February 7, 2003

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