Elvis BillyornamentLyn's DBC Holiday Party

Lyn had said "look for the glow", and the house WAS aglow -- both outside and in. There were thousands of holiday lights, two warm fireplaces, and probably a hundred candles sparkling in a most inviting, welcoming, home. Three Christmas trees, flowers galore, and the hostess herself added to the decorations. But the BIGGEST hit was the garland of boughs and lights that held the shimmering Billyornaments (we've decided this is one word) made by Lyn and her partner-in-party-making, Laurie.
 BBL Lyn & Christmas tree #1
Our beautiful brunette hostess, Lyn
The garland of Billyornaments, right, adorns the entry to the food-laden kitchen. Oh, you wanted to see another Billyornament closeup? Ok, click here. Then use your browser's BACK button to return. Chistmas Tree #2
Click the picture to see full-size
Come and get it!
Ashlie, Crazy John, Sarah & Lyn
Sarah & Jan brought 12 trading cards for each attendee which made up the song, The twelve shows of Christmas. They were wrapped in Hillbilly wrapping paper! Watch for it on Jan's Hillbilly site soon. Dave's chatting with Evan
Ashlie handed out her new glamour photo
Jim and Ashlie
The tables were laden with the tortelini and various sauces, meat balls, salads, dips, chips, crackers, cheeses, nuts. (HEY who said that about DBC members?) and other scrumptious goodies, many of which came from Lyn's work. AH HA , so does Lyn work for a caterer or a pricey restaurant? We'll let you ponder a bit and tell you later. Isn't she lovely?  The baby too.
Ashlie's mom, Margaret (Maggie) and little sister, Amanda
Not sure I saved enough room for this feast. Everybody but Lyn was surprised when Evan joined us.

Here he is (right) with a Mandolin Billy cookie, just before he bit it's head off. To see a whole plate full of Billy cookies big enough to use as desktop wallpaper, click here.

Evan and Minnie Evan

Crazy John listening to shell
Kirk called during the party with apologies. He had a sore throat and his voice was starting to get hoarse. We understand -- protect that golden voice by all means.
Beautiful Blond Lady, Laurie
BBL Laurie
Crazy John got first pick at the White Elephant gift exchange. He really liked his shell, but then, so did Alan, who traded for it. Crazy John ended up with... bath oil?
Claudia, your TEETH are growing!
Dennis, Jim, Jan & Claudia
Left: Jan with a lamp that looked like a Chianti-bottle candle, and and Claudia with a REAL Chianti-bottle candle. Dennis got a woman's watch, Margaret a drill, Sarah a Rolls Royce, Lyn sounds of Christmas... Who ended up with the See's candy? And from what year was it?

John and family were in the area and stopped by.
Hillbilly Holidays to all, and to all, Good Night.
Billy Bass John

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Posted December 11, 2000

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