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Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

Photo Contest Winners
Thanks to all who entered the Unofficial Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Fan Club photo contest. We HOPE you had fun and KNOW we did.

First Place Winner
will receive Billy & the Hillbillies' new CD, upon its release
Photo taken by:
Is this a famous movie star seeking Mandolin Billy's autograph? Sorry, we can't say, nor can we show the face. If you ARE this guest, please email us permission to publish your face.
Autograph, please

Runners Up (shown 1st - 3rd)
will each receive current Billy & the Hillbillies CD, autographed if requested
Photos taken by:
Dave Wake Up!
Rebekah Like this never happened to YOU
Wanda Party Prance
"No purchase necessary" Drawing
winner will receive current Billy & the Hillbillies CD, autographed if requested
Official drawing of the winner's entry from the webspinner's official Mickey Mouse hat
And the winner is...

Her entry said they SHOULD play "Commin' Round the Mountain", and added "They're GREAAAAT".

Posted June 27, 1999

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