Billy Convention 2001

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August 18, 2001

Lyn's invitation said "Look for the Possum". As you see there was was not one, but THREE possum skins, sans vicious leers, beckoning us to the second annual Billy Convention .
Look for the possum

Billy characters and Jan's Silly Billies Click for larger view
Movie poster marquis
Click for larger view

The decoration committtee had outdone itself with a movie marquise, built just for the convention by Lyn's dad, Elton, and Billy movie posters by Jan. Here and to the right was the Rocky Top Horror Picture Show; Oklahoma, starring Billy Elvis as Curley and Mandolin Billy as Laurie; Bye Bye Billy featuring Elvis Billy and our hostess, Lyn, and many others. You can see some of these on Jan's Extremely Unofficial Billly Hill site.

To make the Hillbillies feel at home, and ensure that no animals gave their lives just for their fur, there was plenty of possum for all.

Possum, the OTHER white meat
It was served with corn bread, a myriad of salads and potluck specialties.
Possum pie might have been a nice main course, but BBL Laurie went for possum CAKE.

Cooked correctly, with skin ON.

Personally, I found it to be too rare.
Interior of too-rare possum cake

The menu agreed with Hillbillies John & Evan Marshall
Hillbillies enjoying the possum dinner
Billy Bass, left, sports Hillbilly baseball shirt made just for him,

Some folk said the possum tasted just like chicken.
Wearing apparel de regueur this evening was any variety of Billy and the Hillbillies tee shirt, in combination with denim -- especially denim overalls.

Claudia's Billies in Space Tee shirt
Claudia sports a Billies in Space shirt custom designed by Amber in honor of the famous Area 51 series of the same name.
Fashion Keith, one of our newer members, arrived in the famous embroidered Hillbilly Concert Series shirt.
Keith from Yucca Valley, in Concert Series shirt
Hillbilly Kirk was the height of fashion in this Amber-designed, one-of-a-kind Hillbilly baseball shirt
Kirk in one-of-a-kind Billy baseball shirt

Margaret, auction organizer extraordinaire and hostess of the first Billy Convention, is fashionable in overalls. Crazy John sports a limited-edition #1 Billy fan baseball shirt by; who else? Amber!
Clark & Sarah
Emcee and official greeter, Clark, was resplendent in the ORIGINAL Hillbilly instrument shirt, a DA/Amber design, with straw hat and (not shown) cumberbund.

Sassy Sarah, raffle ticket sales, opted to look lovely, rather than Hillbilly fashionable.
Yours truely, in the Hillbillies' Red White and Bluegrass Long Beach Concert shirt with kerchief, surrounded by substitute Hillbilly Dave Eastley and Fiddle Billy Dennis. Dave was rather formally dressed due to coming straight from a swing gig. Looks like Dave's never seen a Hillbilly tee shirt.
Dave Eastley, KAT, Dennis Fetchet

Hostess Lyn, and her old friend, Brock
Hostess, Lyn, stylish in overalls, with old friend, Brock
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Posted August 21, 2001

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