Billy Convention 2000

August 6, 2000

Held at a private home, this conference was necessarily limited to the number that could attend. About 40 Billy and the Hillbillies fans parked on the street after seeing "Reserved for Real Billys" signs (with stars yet) on a wide driveway.

One Hillbillly said he felt strange parking on the driveway, as his car was leaking oil. Not to worry, said a DBC member. We'll put it in a bottle and auction off Billy Oil next year.
Woody stayed OUTSIDE greeting guests

Woody, wearing the requested fashion attire for the evening, overalls, welcomes guests. The four honored guests, Dennis, Kirk, John and Evan, aka Billy and the Hillbillies, were NOT asked to wear overalls or bring musical instruments.
Hillbilly Trading Cards

By the way, I have an extra Billy Bass I'll trade for a Fiddle Billy of John Eadon
Made by Jan, webmaster of
Extremely Unofficial Billly Hill site

Distributed by Sarah at the entrance door. The big question: Will Billy card trading replace pin trading in the DBC?
Official Convention Banner
Future Billy memorabilia
Crazy John, Marcy, KAT
Photo by ? on Marcy's camera
Funny Photos
Star-studed event

Dozens of photos donated by Hillbilly webspinners were doctored and captioned by hostess Margaret, Jan and Sara, and displayed ALL OVER the house. (John Eadon would be so proud of the Powder Room Sign.) Click here for a closeup of one of the favorites.
Beautiful Brunette Lady & Beautiful Blonde Lady
The BBL's were there and they made Hillbilly fountains.
Catered Dinner
Chowing down on Barbecue, of course.

Crazy John, Claudia, Dennis Fetchet, John "Little-Katie's-Dad", Little Katie, Pattie (hidden), Captain Mike & Barbara (Teen Katie's parents). One of many happy dinner groups.
Silent Auction

Guests were given numbered bandanas at the door, and used these numbers to bid annonymously for memorabilia the Hillbillies and DBC members donated. As the 8:30 deadline approached the numbers became less anonymous as fans followed one another to get the last bid.
Two of three action tables
Oh LOOK, a Dennis pin!

Bidding was from 6:30 - 8:30 and several items went to two bid sheets.
Some items bringing the biggest prices:
  • Disneyland "Billy" namebadge (outdated)
  • Last-available Hillbilly Tshirt
  • Dennis Fetchet cassette Tape
  • Kirk Wall "Puddle Prance" headband

More great memorabilia
  • Fiddle bow broken in John Eadon's nose
  • Various Hillbilly & Bridges rough-mix CD's
  • Orchestral Score by Evan Marshall
  • Kirk Wall's wisdom tooth (laugh, but it brought $15)
Nearly $400 was raised for 3 charities of the Hillbillies' choice
Music: CD's by the Hillbillies, Bridges and Big Shots, of course.
Big screen entertainment: Home videos of The Jets, by fan Dennis; Hillbillies, by Andy; and 1989 Hillbillies video brought by Dennis Fetchet.
Andy & Kirk watch Hillbillies of 12 years ago.

Such aplomb, such savoire faire! And we got fired?!

John playing two instruments at the same time (one with his bare toes through a hole in his sock) and cheeseburger harmonicas were among the many highlights of this video of the Hillbillies' first gig together.

I thought I said "no pictures"

One of MANY guests wearing Billy badges tonight
Clark & fan Dennis
Clark was stylin' in his jeans & cumberbund!
Live Entertainment:
No, NOT the Hillbillies, though they were enjoyable guests. Emcee Clark read the newly rediscovered history of the Hillbillies as found (or possibly written by?) fan Dennis of fame. This was complete with photographic "evidence" of it's truth.

At right Crazy John holds photos of Early European Billy Le Mound and Baby Billies.
NOT more of Crazy John's VACATION PHOTOS! The Hillbillies developing PUDDLE Prance
One more Autograph?

I'll autograph, but I'm staying by the desserts to keep my energy up.
We tried so hard to behave and limit photos of honored guests (REALLY I did) but the temptation of finally getting a bandana signed by all four Hillbillies was too much for this webspinner.
The Witching Hour Approaches

Lots of guests and all the Hillbillies were talking and laughing when it was time to move the party indoors. At that point several fans looked at their watches. What? It CAN'T be 11:30!

Ah, but alas, it was. Just when hostess Margaret was ready to sit down and enjoy herself guests were realizing it would be well after midnight when they got home this fine Sunday evening, and there was work tomorrow.

So the goodbye hugs began.
Fan Hug
Goodbye hug

Both the webspinner and her camera had slowed down by this point, and just missed the moment John Marshall hugged Diane goodbye.
Hillbilly Hug
They often dance together, but not usually this slowly

After hugging all the fans, Billy-Kirk hugged bro' Billy-John and everybody left with full tummys, favorite memorabilia, and wonderful memories of the first-ever Hillbilly Convention.
Our thanks and first-ever Dynamite Award to Margaret, for planning and hosting the convention. Thanks also to Clark, Jan, Sarah, and all the others who worked to make it such an overwhelming success. Maybe we should make reservations now at the new Anaheim Convention Center for the next Billy Convention.

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