Da Billy Club -- Virtual Slumber Party

September 2, 2002

For the first time since the founding of Da Billy Club, we got to watch Billy and the Hillbillies on television from the comfort of our own living rooms. Word had gone out to start watching at 6:00 a.m. (West Coast Time). About 6:35 most of us were thrilled to see our favorite Hillbillies perform live on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. Here Hillbilly fans in different cities watch the Hillbillies together at a virtual slumber party.

Sarah & Sassy
Sarah & Sassy
Sarah gets first mention, as she was up all night watching for the Hillbillies to be on TV. What, she didn't read the message board notice that they'd be on during the 6:00 a.m. hour?
Jan, and Sassy
It's no surprise which Hillbilly showed up in Jan's picture.
This must have been shot at almost the same time as Jan's. No makeup here -- it's a SLUMBER party.
Crazy John
Crazy John
He wouldn't take his eyes off the set for a picture, but maybe you recognize the hair or the shirt. (Thanks Amber.)
Stacey's quite unhappy with local broadcasters
Stacey waited, and waited and waited for the Hillbillies. Then she heard they were up next. And she waited, and waited... This is when she realized her local station had cut away during their performance. Angry? Yes, but certainly part of the party.
April watching the tape
Newest Hillbilly fan April watches. (Ok, ok, so she's watching a tape later in the day.)
And of course, The Big Cheese
The Big Cheese
Thanks to all who sent in pictures of themselves watching Billy and the Hillbillies on the Telethon.

For the many DBC members who watched but didn't send pictures, I understand your not wanting to look as bad as I do on this page. If my awful picture gives you courage, please go ahead and email me a picture of you watching the Telethon for this page.

Posted September 20, 2002

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