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Odd Scenes

We attend and enjoy the performances. Often. But the Hillbillies are a live and lively group, and we still get surprised frequently. Here are a few unlikely scenes we've caught on film.

You've seen him strummin' with a Country Bear (with a wee bit of help from computer technology) But here's an actual photo of Mandolin Billy doing a little do-si-do with a chipmunk. You tell us if it's Chip or Dale.

Hint: The chipmunk has a black nose.

1/24/1999 near the entrance to Frontierland.

Dances with Chipmunks
Dances with Chipmunks

Elvis Billy & Elvis Billy Too

This is a rare sighting of two Elvis Billies at once. Never will we expect to see this on stage, but in the wilds of Frontierland, anything can happen.

Unofficial Fans know that Elvis Billy emcees the show, and once in awhile the Other Elvis or Billy #5 substitute. This was a one-show-only occurrence. Elvis Billy was out that day, and Other Elvis Billy was substituting, but couldn't make this one show on January 3, 1999 because of a commitment to attend a...BABY SHOWER? Yes! That is the unofficial word. Billy Bass and Mandolin Billy shared the emcee honors, and did the "regular" show on the last day of the Christmas show.

M.B. the M.C.
M.B. with Mic

Speed Fiddle Record?
Timing Fiddle Billy

Fiddle Billy decided to go for a speed fiddlin' record on the January 3rd show, and Mandolin Billy tried to oblige by timing him -- WITHOUT A STOPWATCH. Banjo Billy saved the day by bringing the official Mickey Mouse Hillbilly stopwatch from backstage. Unfortunately, by then the timing was thrown off, and Fiddle Billy clocked a disappointing 35 mph speed.

There must be a jinx on the second Billy descending the stairs. We've seen Elvis Billy get his violin bow stuck in his nose, and the Other Elvis has done the same. We never thought this could happen to Mandolin Billy, but here it is in the historic show of January 3, 1999.

'snot what bows were made for
Unexpected Stick Up

Updated February 20, 2000

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