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You've had questions, We've had questions. Here are some of the answers. More questions? Email and we'll try to get the answers from the horses', oops, Hillbillies' mouths.

Who are these Guys?

When performing in this group, they're each Billy. Otherwise, they're as pictured.

(Yes, John and Evan are brothers 24 hours a day.)
Real Names
Have they ever performed at places other than Disneyland?

Yes, many. They were playing at state fairs, festivals etc. before Disneyland, and still do. Evan directs and plays in an all-string chamber orchestra, The Bridges of Orange County. (CD available at John, the founder and leader of the Hillbillies, sometimes works with Evan in the Bridges. John also says he can point to a scratch on his bass from playing every theme park in Southern California. He has played with the Long Beach Philharmonic Orchestra, and with the Hillbillies has done guest spots with the Witchita Symphony Orchestra, the Buffalo Philharmonic...the list goes on and on. In April,2000, the Hillbillies starred with the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra, bow in the nose and all.

Dennis Plays with a bluegrass band, The Grateful Dudes, Saturday nights At Vincenzo's in Newhall. He's done several world tours with Hoyt Axton, backed Tanya Tucker, played at Farm Aid, made appearances at The Grand Old Opry and performed on over 50 CDs. He's the most traditional bluegrass member in the group of otherwise classically-trained musicians.

Kirk's career includes acting along with music. He guest starred as an Elvis impersonator in an episode of TV's The Fall Guy, and was in the stage production of Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita... He's Johnny Fabulous in Johnny Fabulous and the Big Shots, a funny swing band. They have an excellent CD out with all original music. The name of the CD? None of your Business. No, really, the name is None of Your Business.

Kirk is also in a rock band, The Knights, which has played the Palmdale Fall Festival 10 years in a row, and has a new CD, titled The Knights.

Beside Disneyland and Symphony orchestra appearences, the Hillbilllies perform at music festivals all over California and Nevada.
at Universal Studios
At Universal Studios in 1991 with former Hillbilly, Tony, (who contributed his talent on their CD). John is missing.
How long have they played Disneyland?

They opened the Splash Mountain ride in, 1989, playing for the guests in the four-hour line. Then they were an atmosphere band playing around the park. They left for awhile, then Disneyland asked them to come back and offerred them the Golden Horseshoe stage two days a week in 1992. They soon started playing 5 days a week, and played the Golden Horseshoe until November, 1999, when a new stage was built for them at their current location, Big Thunder Barbeque.

Opening Splash Mountain.
At Splash Mountain, 1989, before Evan joined the group
Do they write their material, or does Disney?

The group writes their own show and all the musical arrangements.

airplane '91
You may see this busy group in an airplane or airport someday.
John & Kirk at airport
Kirk and John at the airport
Kirk on plane
Kirk's traveling beauty rest

Other Billy Sightings
classic Evan 11/21/98, 2/6/99, 3/11/2000 We saw the "Bach to the Future", "A Mandolin for All Seasons" and "Ragtime in a Bottle" concerts by Evan's stringed chamber orchestra, The Bridges of Orange County. Some costars have been Eric Brenton, Barry Cogert, Peter Woodford (Doc Severson's guitarist in Johnny Carson's Tonight Show), with additional talent from Bret Simmons, hillbillies John and Kirk, and a poised and talented young son-of-a hillbilly, Ellery Marshall. These were evenings of superbly-performed (mostly classical) music interspersed with interesting info about the compositions.

For information on future "Bridges" concerts, call the Curtis Theater in Brea, CA (714) 990-7722. To sample their music, go to their website, listed below.

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