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Sometimes one or more of the four brothers Billy is away from the show. The show must go on, and it goes on well indeed. Fortunately the Hillbillies have a large family. Here are some of their other brothers Billy.

Duane and Anders with Kirk and Dennis.  Click for larger size Brothers Billy Bald and Billy Bow, shown here with Elvis Billy and Fiddle Billy, helped make this September, 2002 show really hilarious. Both fiddle. Billy Goat (formerly a goat rancher) also plays mandolin and Billy Bow slaps and bows a big bass.

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Billy Red

Baby brother, Billy Red, has been entertaining in Frontierland and gathering fans since he was a little whippersnapper. He broke into his big brothers' act in August 2001.
Downed Duck
We know we'll see him again, once he learns to walk.
Adorable Billy Red
Billy Red, aka adorable
Dohickey Billy Thingamajig Oops, no, DOHICKEY Billy

Our profuse apologies to this brother Billy for getting his name wrong here in past months. We thought his Dohickey (an instrument of his own creation) was called a Thingamajig, but he actually calls his Thingamajig a Dohickey, so he should be Dohickey Billy instead of Thingama... You get the idea.

The Other Elvis Billy

This Spirited Brother Billy impersonates Elvis, plays a LITTLE fiddle, and is known as the Laughing Stock of the Frontierland street scene.

Other Elvis Billy

Click here for more more about this performer.

a little fiddle

(Photo by Dennis, Billyside)
Banjo Billy

Banjo Billy is a musical big shot. You'll also see this rascal playing on the river, and serving up jazz at the French Market. Sometimes you can catch him swinging around the Carnation Gardens Plaza.

Big Shot Banjo Billy
Bridges Billy Bridges Billy

As you can tell from his debonair demeanor, this brother is known for his classical hillbilly music style. We've also seen him playing on bridges, of Orange County, with his brother Mandolin Billy. Now kids, Bridges Billy is a trained professional at bridges playing. Don't try this at home (unless you have a bridge at home).

Big Hat Billy

What a surprise to discover that the Hillbillies had a fifth brother Billy, who filled in for Elvis Billy, but didn't impersonate Elvis. His variety of talents has been seen at the Golden Horseshoe before.

Another Billy

Updated September 17, 2002

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