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Meet some of the Hillbilly fans who've met through this website and make up Da Billy Club. They're all folks who put seeing the Billy and the Hillbillies' show at the top of their Disneyland to-do list. In fact, 31 fans, including most on this page, went to the 2000 Palmdale Fall Festival INSTEAD of Dizneyland October 14-15. Why? That's where the Hillbillies and another Kirk Wall group, The Knights, were performing that weekend.

More fans are shown on page 2, and we need to take many more photos.

KAT, Crazy John (& CJ's brother Jim )

Usually-behind-the-camera-KAT, happily surrounded by Billies
Thanks, Laura, for taking this photo. I edited it, but something went terribly askew. Did you notice what? Click for answer

Scotty & Andy

Scotty, aka "Billy in Training" is quite the musician (studying mandolin under THE BEST instructor known to Billydom) and comic. Dad Andy is often seen with two cameras in hand, video and still, using both at the same time. Mom Mimi, brothers Dustin & Brandon, and sister Lori complete the DBC part of this fun family.
Katie & Ashlie
Ashlie, Katie & Billies
Katie and Ashlie are frequent Disneylanders and great Hillbilly fans. It's fun for some of us to see Disneyland through their younger eyes. They like all the Billies, but Fiddle Billy is Katie's favorite.
Toni & Jill
January 9, 2000
Toni & Jill with Elvis & Bass(!?) Billies
Toni & Jill were the official mudslide providers of the Palmdale Hillbilly Field Trip. Toni says there've been more pictures taken of her since she joined DBC than in the rest of her life.
Dennis Dennissss!
February 13, 2000

Dennis Dennis
Fiddle Billy Dennis & Fan Dennis creator of Area 51, the funniest Hillbilly page on the 'Net, showing off Valentines from Katie & Ashlie.

Elvis Billy & Claudia
March, 2000

Yes, Claudia has managed to pull every Hillbilly down into her lap. Amazing strength for such a small lady.
August, 2000

Here's a very happy birthday girl. Debbie cross stitched custom candy jar covers for the Hillbilly Field Trip, October, 2000. If you see Kirk with a pumpkin bandana, she made that too.
Herb (with Sonora)
at the Palmdale Party
October 13, 2000

Herb is rarely seen without a baseball cap. With this wonderful head of hair, we wonder why. He's one of the Hillbillies' favorite fans, and they can always count on him for a pack of gum.
With two Billies and our Favorite Elvis Sub

Margaret planned and hosted Billy Convention 2000, for which she was awarded the first (and so far only) DBC Dynamite Award. She's since taken up running, so we really need a new photo. Margaret is a musician (pianist) and instructor. We look forward to hearing her in concert.
Laura & Meaghan
Meaghan & Laura
Laura and daughter Meaghan have a spot in the hearts of all the DBC members as well as the Hillbillies. Laura made to Palmdale alone this year, where she participated in the Disney pajama fashion show. Sorry Meaghan, maybe next time.
What's wrong with photo answer: Elvis Billy is in it twice. (Wouldn't it be nice?)
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Updated October 18, 2000

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