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Da Billy Club is a bunch of fun-loving folks of all ages with a common addiction to the Billy and the Hillbillies' show. (No, you're not alone.) Most met through this site, then became friends at the Billy shows. Email us to become a member (free).

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The Hillbillies usually play five shows a day, five days a week, at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe. Here they're at the Big Thunder Ranch.
Billy Hill , AKA Elvis Billy, sometimes prefers to go by "William".

Fabulously funny singer-dancer-musician-frontman of the fantastic four and impersonator extrordinare. Most famous for his Elvis impersonations, the gig at Big Thunder brought out other personages such as Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Sammy Davis Jr., and everyone's favorite, Mickey Mouse. Rockabilly to Disco; Broadway to Rap; Billy, sometimes known as "Elvis" or "Tony Fabulous" or even "Kirk Wall" can do it all.

As of this update, Kirk Wall can also be seen every Monday night as Tony Fabulous with The Big Shots at Birraporetti's, an excellent Italian restaurant in Costa Mesa. They do swing, jazz and lot's of wonderful original songs. It's a great show and the dance floor is open. Don't miss it!
"So WHAT's with these umbrellas?"

Kirk Wall
"Don't ask me, I'm just fiddling."

Dennis Fetchet
Billy Hill, AKA Fiddle Billy

Billy is world renowned as the fastest fiddler in the whole Frontierland area, and has made the cover of national magazines such as Timeto Fiddle and Speed Fiddler Magazine for his record-breaking fiddlin' of Orange Blossom Special, which he never plays quite the same way twice.

Though most renowned as a fiddler, hand him a guitar, mandolin, banjo -- if it has strings, Billy can play it. And that doesn't even cover his precise performances on the duck call!

Fiddle Billy (Dennis Fetchet) is a veteran of The Grand Old Opry, Farm Aid, and several world tours with Hoyt Axton's band.
If you're in Newhall around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday; grab a pizza at Vincenzo's and settle in for an evening with The Grateful Dudes, his bluegrass band.

Watch this Billy for his somewhat subtle, always humorous, body language.
Billy Hill AKA Mandolin Billy (caught on violin here), or Evan Marshall, is the most serious musician in the group, and the fastest mandolinist in the U.S. He favors classical music on his solo mandolin CD's and his chamber orchestra's new Presenting The Bridges of Orange County CD. But as Billy, he's also been known for his Tarzan yells, belting out "Great Balls of Fire", and a rare Jimi Hendrix tribute that's NOT TO BE MISSED, though you may have to ASK for it.

Do you suppose these guys all got named "Billy" for his famous solo mandolin duet of The Billy Tell Overture?
Pondering the question

Evan Marshall

"Should I tell him?"

John Marshall
Billy Hill, AKA Big Bass Billy, is the founder and leader of the group and a championship swimmer. Maybe that's how he gets the strength to hold that big bass like a guitar. He's such a good musician he can play the bass fiddle and the violin at the same time!

You'll see Billy (John Marshall) selling the Hillbillies' two-CD set at the show. Yes, you'll find the sames songs on both CDs, but he prefers you buy them as a set. Oh, and if you missed the CD at Disneyland, you can get it from their web site,, which ALSO has their newly-released CD single, Billy Beethoven Suite, so you really can get a 2-CD set..
Big Thunder was big fun, except when the Hillbilly show got rained out. Bass Billy came prepared on a scattered-shower Sunday.

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Good news: Billy Hill & the Hillbillies' NEW CD Single Billy Beethoven, is available at their official website,, as are tee shirts for their Red White and Bluegrass symphony concert series. Their full-length CD is also available there, as well as at Disneyland. Mandolin Billy fans will also want his "Evan Marshall is the Lone Arranger" CD, available at the same stores. Music Boulevard has sound samples from it and another of Billy's mandolin solo CDs. Also see The Bridges of Orange County to see how well Mandolin Billy "cleans up" and hear samples of his stringed chamber orchestra's music.

Updated April 2, 2003

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